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Welcome to onlineSTS.net

onlineSTS.net is a platform service of DYNAMARINe. The information contained in this platform is addressed to tanker operators whose vessels are engaged in STS Operations.

The aim of this service is to provide quality services for due diligence to:

  • Technical Operators
  • Cargo Owners
  • Service Providers

The Master of the vessel and his Technical Operator (who has the ultimate responsibility) adopt and implement a risk management procedure for each STS Operation by utilizing risk techniques, OSIS Database, and sensible exercise of due diligence in all safety aspects of the operation.

The cargo Owners and his charterer obtain access to STS statistical records and a dedicated risk assessment is offered with respect to the STS elements and the encountered risks.

Service Providers are equipped with tools which allows them to organise their logistics and quality associated data in order to perform diligently their services towards their users, i.e. Tanker ships and Charterers.

This approach eventually leads to safer STS operations, improves ship owner’s reputation (as well as the reputation of the charterer, Cargo owner/ trader) in the maritime industry and consequently increases his commercial competitiveness.

The onlineSTS.net service has been developed on the basis of following :

  • Statutory resolution IMO MEPC 186(59)
  • Contractual commitments with P&I Clubs and Hull underwriters
  • Contractual commitments with Charterers
  • ISM - TMSA procedures

In order to access the provided information please register and create a free account.

Our motto is the following:



Should you are interested in STS screening or STS Plans please contact us for further details.






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