01.Stelios Perissakis-"STS Service Providers and Audits"

02.Jessica Maitra-"The significance of an SMS in STS operations"

03.Capt. Gordon Ghirxi-"Right First Time"

04.Capt Ioannis Fragkos-"The value of Simulator in STS operations"

05.Capt. Robert Santiago-"STS Operations in Amuay Bay. Preparing in a short time frame; Challenging however Safe"

06.Alex Glykas-"Profiling of STS Service providers"

07.Nikos Xynopoulos-"Guidelines and Safety Measures in the selection and usage of STS fenders & hoses"

08.Shunichi Ono-"Yokohama's New Grade Ohm STS Hoses"

09.C. Koronakis-"Mooring Ropes Arrangement on STS operations"

10.Leonis Koutsoukos-"Lifeboat damage during STS Mooring operation"

11.Capt. Andrey Moiseev-"STS Operations in Chittagong"

12.George Papaioannou-"A Root Cause Analysis of an Incident"


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